Angels, Angels, Angels…

Angels, Angels, Angels…

Well it has been a bit of time since we have last posted on the blog, and we apologise for this! We have been so busy with our new product developments, and lots and lots of awesome Wedgewood projects!

One project that we are VERY excited about is the introduction of a new Angels biscuit flavour… One thing that girls can’t live without, the ultimate feel good food… Yes, you guessed it! Chocolate Angels!! The Chocolate Angel is packed with delicious choc chips as well as crunchy nougat pieces, making it the ultimate biscuit.

We have also decided to relaunch all the biscuits under the Angels brand, which means that all biscuits will have nougat inclusions in them!

The new range will be in store soon, keep your eyes posted on our Facebook site for more details.

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