Day 8 – The Ultimate Brownies

Day 8 – The Ultimate Brownies

Happiness is a Nougat Chocolate Brownie!

Join us for the ‘Ultimate Brownie’ experience. Designed by chef extraordinaire – Jackie Cameron, this recipe has gained legendary status on the Wedgewood farm as something to barter with when asking a Wedgewood team member for an unappealing favour. Use this recipe to solve a bad day, inspire your latest epiphany and dispel your lockdown blues or use to get out of the washing up! Brownies today were cooked by Tom (17), washed up by mum (not saying!) and eaten by everyone.

If you are Gluten or Dairy Free, we have put ingredients in brackets as an alternative. Amazing either way!


Jackie Cameron’s Nougat Chocolate Brownies (The Ultimate Brownie)

You’ll Need:

180g Salted Butter – melted (180g canola or macadamia oil)

60g Cocoa Powder

340g Castor Sugar (or granulated if you don’t have)

5ml Vanilla Extract (or essence)

4 x Eggs

100g Cake Flour (Gluten free flour/ or 50/50 Almond flour and coconut flour/ or other)

5ml Baking Powder

80g Dark Chocolate in Pieces (the best that you can afford)

100g Nougat Bar Cut in Pieces (Wedgewood is naturally gluten and dairy free)

A Pinch of Salt


To Make:

So easy to make! Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Line the bottom of a baking dish with greaseproof paper (roughly 24cm rectangular) and grease paper and sides. If you don’t have the patience or don’t have grease proof paper just grease the dish extra well.

Combine all the ingredients in a mixer or mix by hand. Pour into the baking dish. Cook for 22 minutes.

To check that the brownies are cooked (important as ovens vary), get a wooden skewer or toothpick (or worst case a fork) and push it down into the middle of the brownies. If it comes out clean it is cooked. Make sure you haven’t hit a bit of chocolate though if it comes out wet. Use a knife to cut around the edge of the dish at this point and cut the brownies into squares. Let them cool before removing from the dish…. if you can wait that long!

Enjoy a Wedgewood moment!

Zoe and Tom x


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