Day 9 – 2 recipes in 1!

Day 9 – 2 recipes in 1!

Crazy times require crazy measures…

If you need an excuse to get the gin out at midday today, this might be the recipe for you!

Actually we have two recipes for you today as you need one to make the other, so firstly….


Pete’s Cranberry Gin

It’s the quiet ones you have to watch! Pete is the corner stone of what goes on at our Wedgewood Farm. Pete created this recipe with some Wedgewood cranberries from our Makery. It’s ridiculously easy and will amaze your friends. Please bear in mind that these are Pete’s instructions…and they are not particularly kid friendly!


You’ll Need:

Dried Cranberries

A Bottle of Gin

To Make:

Drink half the gin! Then fill the bottle with cranberries right to the top. Leave for one week to stew. Then enjoy as an aperitif or as a gin and tonic with a twist (eat the cranberries with ice cream for a potent dessert!)


Chicken Liver Pate

A family staple, this recipe is simply fantastic with a big wedge of crusty bread and soup. So easy to make and equally impressive as Pete’s gin.

You’ll Need

A Pack of Chicken Livers

Olive Oil

Pete’s Gin 60ml (but this is a rough calculation! You can use sherry, port, cherry liquor or any other exotic liquor that has been sitting for years at the back of your drinks cabinet. Now is the time).

1 x Tub of Cream Cheese (or smooth cottage cheese)

Ina Paarman’s Cajun Spice (or a rub or spice with some added cayenne pepper)

Salt and Pepper



To Make:

In a small pan fry the chicken livers in olive oil until mostly cooked. Bash with a wooden spoon and add the spices, Pete’s Gin, salt and pepper and tub of cream cheese. Cook for another 10 minutes and then blast it with a hand blender. That’s it! Spoon into a bowl and sprinkle with paprika and enjoy with crusty bread.

Use Pete’s Gin to celebrate ‘V’ Day, when this is all over!

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