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Honey Nougat and Nougat biscuits
Wedgewood treats with a cup of tea

 Just imagine, its December 25th, you and your family are gathered around your great  Grandmother’s antique dining room table, after just completing dinner, it’s time for the sweeter things in life- to celebrate the festive season and all that family stands for. Your favourite Aunt comes out from around the corner with a basket of the well known and loved Wedgewood Nougat and Angels biscuits which make the perfect family experience. Fond memories become associated with the smooth, delicate real honey Nougat that will quite obviously be the talking point. You don’t realize it in the moment but tucking into the elegant Wedgewood treat is more than a moment, it is a memory you will look back on that becomes associated with your family that you love and are lucky enough to still have around. From that moment every time you bite into our confectionery those memorable encounters are reminisced on.


Wedgewood Crafted Confectionery strongly believes in the importance of family, after all, that’s where it all began for us. We feel close to any family get to together but more importantly Christmas. Why not be prepared for this festive season and stock up on Wedgewoods Crafted Confectionery. It will create beautiful moments and memories that’s for sure. Our products are available online or in all major stores!


Comment below and tell us your favourite family moment that was celebrated with Wedgewood Crafted Confectionery and you could win a hamper to share with your family these holidays!

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  1. 1
    Candice Vincent

    My mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary I bought then Wedgewood treats.. they love the angel biscuits… they love all your products… so they were so happy to get a few treats from Wedgewood and celebrated in style with the family eating delicious treats together… always makes me smile. It’s a good memory.

    • 2
      Jen Lagerwall

      Hi Candice, thank you for your sharing your story! We are so glad you celebrated your mom and dads wedding anniversary with Wedgewood treats!

  2. 3
    Colleen Faber

    My favourite family moment that was celebrated with Wedgewood crafted confectionery is three months ago. My husband works away for long periods of time. He was away for 6 months and when he came home we celebrated with his favourite Wedgewood macadamia nougat and Angel biscuits. He begged me to please make sure I had bought them on his return as that was one of the things he craved for while he was away he loved them. Was so amazing to have him back home enjoying his favourite confectionery

  3. 5
    Carla M VD Westhuizen

    We have a family business, so my mum dad and I work within a few metres of each other. My mom and I LOVE nougat but do not like sharing with my fat dad… so quite often we sneak in her office and quietly share some Wedgewood treats together. These moments are very precious to me!

    • 6
      Jen Lagerwall

      Hi Carla, your story is great and so funny. I am chuffed you manage to find some time to sneak away with your mum and share our confectionery! Thank you for sharing.

  4. 7
    Tracey claassen

    Wedgwood is the only nougat that i eat, and every time i eat wedgewood nougat is a special moment for me. Its like a little bit of heaven in your mouth. I used to sell wedgewood nougat before it was big in the shops.

  5. 11
    Michelle van Kervel

    I remember receiving a fabulous hamper of Wedgewood Nougat for my birthday one year. I had decided to savour it at leisure, but that was not to be. My son, who had bought it with the help of his aunt, was anxiously awaiting the opening of that particular gift. We had a great laugh, as we sat under the covers, secretly devouring my birthday gift. The lion’s share went to him, of course. That was the best birthday ever!

    • 12
      Jen Lagerwall

      Hi Michelle, what a fabulous story, it sounds like your son made a very good decision buying a hamper which would be enough for the both of you but ensuring he got his fair share!

  6. 13
    Melissa Barnard

    Wedgewood Angels Nougat Biscuits is an absolute favourite in our house. We enjoy watching movies together as a family and popcorn and Angels Nougat Biscuits is compulsory.

  7. 15
    Donna Little

    My favourite celebrated moment was the day my mom turned 60 , we had a high tea for 2 – just me & my amazing mom. The best conversation & memories shared with the most important person in my life . The best moments are celebrated with wedgewood angel biscuits , they compliment any tea so brilliantly.

  8. 16
    Yvette Hamilton

    My favourite family moment that was celebrated with Wedgewood Crafted Confectionery the Christmas before my Grandmother passed away, Wedgewood Nougat was her absolute favourite so we always knew what to add to her Christmas gifts, <3

  9. 17
    Julie Ann Kreusch

    We went to my sister in-law for Christmas lunch last year and after the lunch she brought out Dark Chocolate & orange nougat Bar with coffee. I was so full and said no I can’t fit another thing in. She said you have to try it with coffee dunk it in. I still can taste it to this day. It is so tasty and I buy myself a treat every month of it.

  10. 19
    Jackie Naidoo

    My favourite family moment that was celebrated with Wedgewood Crafted Confectionery is at my wedding, we gave all our guests Wedgewood Nougat as a wedding favours, it was so Amazing when my family and friends were Thanking us for the delicious treats and a few of them sending us messages after the wedding to ask where they could buy them from or if we had any spare from the wedding…lol it was funny but I must admit its so yummy and very addictive. I love Wedgewood Nougat , always my first choice.

  11. 20
    Elne Hector

    Defintely my favourite nougat. A memorable moment for me was coming back from surgery after just being discharged and finding a large Wedgewood Nougat…the macadamia nut one…tucked under my pillow. It sure made the surgery worthwhile and the recovery period something to look forward to.

  12. 21
    Suzette Viviers

    My youngest daughter knows that Wedgewood Nougat is my favourite treat. So anytime she wants t o show special love that is what I receive! After two brain operations, when I needed special love she for instance showed up with not flowers or chocolates, but Wedgewood Nougat! This was so special

  13. 22

    Wedgewood is just that…the best Nougat that one can buy. I am an incurable addict of Wedgewood, whether in tiny increments or a large bag full. Nothing out there could ever compare. Writing a long story about the most be amazing product is unnecessary. It is just, by far, THE best! And the best part? I never need a reason to consume Wedgewood.

  14. 24
    Rose Govender

    My favorite Wedgewood moments are when my daughter arrived from Atlanta last December to spend Xmas with us. The 1st thing she did was go to my treats cupboard to look for Wedgewood nougat and angel biscuits. I had to stock up with more for Xmas after she was done. I also make sure that I add nougat to all the Xmas stockings as my entire family love this delicious treat

    • 25
      Jen Lagerwall

      Hi Rose, that is a great story! So happy that Wedgewood Crafted Confectionery made her visit that much more homely and what a great mum you are that you made sure you had your cupboards stocked for her arrival!

  15. 28
    Nadia George

    My favourite family moment was travelling in India on a train with not having much to eat but i was clever enough to have my stash of Wedgewood in my handbag and share it (quite reluctantly) with the rest of my family.

    • 29
      Jen Lagerwall

      Hi Nadia, how great that our confectionery and your generosity saved your family from starvation! I’m sure it must have been that much more delicious while being hungry! Thank you for sharing your story!

  16. 30
    Anita Steenkamp

    Our holiday this year in the Drakensberg mountains! After the kiddies went to sleep me and hubby would sit outside with our coffee and wedgewood nougat just enjoying the scenery and the moment! Loving life!

    • 31
      Jen Lagerwall

      Hi Anita, good to hear that Wedgewood holds a special place with your relationship with your husband. Those will be memories to cherish forever! Thank you for sharing your story!

  17. 32
    Nicole Naicker

    Wedgewood is definitely a family favourite been in our family for couple of years , through our anniversary and birthday there is always Wedgewood chocolate biscuits and nougat my hubby knows my favorite all time treat

  18. 34

    My favorite moment was when my now husband, back then boyfriend surprised me coming all the way from Newcastle to Richards Bay with a few boxes of wedgewood nougat and roses for our first Valentine’s Day together. Today we married with a 10 month old son and we will definitely share our love for Wedgwood with him.

  19. 36
    Michelle Rumney

    Every opportunity to savor Wedgewood nougat is a celebration. My late husband always bought me Wedgewood as special treats. So it will always be a reminder of him for my son and myself.

  20. 40
    Delia Jordaan

    At the end of last year our family went through a very traumatic relocation. We left behind close friends, schools, a beautiful home and a business to start a new adventure. We invited my mother and father in law to come for Christmas just 2 weeks after the move. I was at least able to make them feel at home in the strange new place by putting one of your beautiful Christmas crackers on each of their pillows. And to make the holiday even sweeter I had a whole tub of chocolate nougat bon bons. That kept our spirits up!!!! Having close family and our favourite treat on had made this period more enjoyable for all of us.

  21. 42
    Sandy Maharaj

    My most special moment was sharing Wedgewood Nougat as wedding favours on our tables for our special day. It was most impressive and so enjoyed by guests. Wedgewood definitely made our day memorable

  22. 44

    I received a lovely wedgewood hamper for my wedding earlier this year to gift my friends and family as thank you gifts for joining us. My husband and I have Always loved Wedgewood nougat so when we were gifted these we were over the moon and everyone who was at the wedding LOVED them too. There were even a few family members asking if I had anymore nougats leftover – to which I said no but actually i did have and just didn’t want to share my last few with anyone hahahaha. Love them so much. Thank you Wedgewood and I hope I can win some yumminess ♡

  23. 46
    Hazel Archer

    Every Christmas morning after we have opened our Christmas presents we as a family always make coffee and eat mince pies for breakfast which has been our tradition for many years but last Christmas we decided to eat Wedgewood goodies instead! This has become our new tradition!

  24. 48
    violet van zyl

    The special Angel biscuits together with the new Mint nougat have become standard in our family as part of presents…Daan loves the biscuits and opens a box and finishes it the same day. The mint nougat is now an after dinner treat together with coffee… delicious!

  25. 49
    Marietjie P Van Tonder

    My favourite moment(s) with Wedgewood happens every day. I just love the Wedgewood Angel Biscuits and it is part of my morning “coffee ritual” when I take a few minutes for myself before tackling the day. Most evenings I slowly enjoy my Wedgewood nougat as my treat to myself. And whenever I make a platter or two for a special occasion, you will find Wedgewood on the sweet platter. No need to say that it is always the favourite “snack”. And Wedgewood makes it’s appearance in one or the other way to all festive occasions in our home. Wedgewood is part of our family!

  26. 50

    I was chatting to a customer of mine down in the Weatern Cape and she was telling me how her day was made by having found the most divine biscuits in the shop and they lived up there name Angels. I proceeded to tell her that I lived virtually on the doorstep of the manufactures of such divine treats. She was so excited about this and couldn’t believe this. A little friendship has now formed and we always discuss these and I promised to send her some of your Nougat and a packet of the chocolate Angels.

  27. 51
    Sharika Raman

    Everytime my hubby goes away on a business trip he always returns home with a surprise for me and my baby girl. And of course every time for me it’s the same surprise and I know what I’ll be getting but I still play along. He tells us to close our eyes and put our hands out and he places our surprises in our hands and mine is always a wedgewood nougat he knows I simply love it esp the cranberry and dark choc covered nougat. Always the best surprise from my wonderful hubby.

  28. 52
    Theshnee Reddy

    Wedgewood Nougat.. When my grandmother was alive.. She would always get these and share with us.. It’s been 4 years since she has passed on.. We still celebrate her every Christmas by getting some nougat and placing them by the Christmas tree.. Wonderful memories with my grandma..

  29. 53
    naajidah lagardien

    My favourite wedgewood moment was one rainy winter night when my husband and i were sitting at the fire enkoying wedgewood nougat biscuits, we heard a knock on the door and it was a friend we had not seen for many years. We sat talking the whole night through enjoying our wedgewood with coffee

  30. 54
    Catie Morgan

    My favourite family moment with Wedgewood was when I was a little girl, I grew up on a farm in the Drakensburg with my grandparents and every time my gran travelled to underberg to restock the fridge and to get other items – I’d always ask her to bring me a treat back. When my gran came back she bought me nougat. I had no idea what it was but she told me it was delicious. I tasted it and I couldn’t believe the amazing taste of nougat. The nougat happened to be Wedgewood and since I was I little girl and still to this day my gran always treats me with Wedgewood.

  31. 55
    Tracy Steart

    Last year was a very special Christmas for me in Italy and I spoilt my Italian “Family” with Wedgewood nougat and Angel biscuit treats to share at their traditional Christmas table! They enjoyed them SO much and I felt so proud to let them know that were made by a family business just around the corner from where I live! Wedgewood you added that special South African touch and they really were the perfect gifts…. in a country where food literally has its own language! Your export quality treats are truly exceptional. Thank you Wedgewood family!

  32. 56
    Jean Ladbrooke

    “Food is the language of love” and that’s always been true in our household. Angel biscuits and Wedgewood nougat has always been favorites treats that say “I love you” and “here’s something special to show how special you are”. Now, with my daughter and family at the other end of the country and unable to come home for Christmas, I post them an assortment of Angel biscuits and Wedgewood nougat so they have something special to remind them of home and the beautiful KZN Midlands.

  33. 57

    When we were younger, we used to alternate holidays at my grandparents house (They lived in Botswana)… Every evening after dinner my parents and grandparents used to play a game of cards, my sisters and I were never allowed to join in, and we would watch them whilst playing our own version of a game… The best was though that with this time came out the bowl of treats that my gran had – a secret stash!! And in there was always the yummiest nougat… We were given first choice of what we wanted 🙂 The best!! Now that we older and all understand the rules, we now all join in (With an even bigger bowl of treats)… Such special times with the family

  34. 58
    Carol Ann

    My favourite family time is in the evenings, having a cup of tea and a Wedgewood biscuit, sharing with my husband and children all our thoughts and incidents of the day.

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