Wedgewood crafted confectionery paves the way for Nougat and Champagne tasting!

Wedgewood crafted confectionery paves the way for Nougat and Champagne tasting!

At Wedgewood Crafted Confectionery we aim to create memorable moments and occasions, so we think it’s time we let you in on one of our little secrets. After a long week in the Wedgewood kitchen, we like to kick back and relax with a gorgeous glass of Laborie bubbly and our soft handmade honey Wedgewood Nougat; toasting the week with our friends…after all, we’ve earned it! It might not be a likely pairing but believe us when we say that the distinctly sophisticated tones of our Wedgewood honey nougat and the whimsical nuttiness of the Laborie grape is a winning combination.  So it was a complete surprise when, out of the blue, we had a phone call from Laborie to say that they had also discovered this sensationally elegant pairing. So together we would like to give you the opportunity to experience just how wonderful Wedgewood Nougat and Laborie are together! Come and find us and join us in the pairing of our two most favourite things, nougat and wine, at the Hilton Wine Fair in Hilton, on the 7th of September. Think Laborie Methode Cap Classique Brut and mouthfuls of our beautifully soft honey macadamia nougat, served to you amongst laughter with friends.  You can count on us to make your every moment a special occasion!

Wedgewood Nougat & Laborie






The gorgeous and more-some Laborie is made on a farm in the Western Cape, a farm of great beauty, which was granted to the Taillefert family in 1691. With their knowledge of French viticultural techniques, the family laid a solid foundation of outstanding wine production that is evident today in Laborie’s wines of distinction. The Laborie Brut is produced from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. It boasts apple, citrus, slightly nutty and toasty aromas with a textured creamy palate. If you can’t find us at the Hilton Wine Fair, you can still find Laborie’s full range of wines on their website.

At Wedgewood we have had a lot of fun, over many evenings, selflessly tasting Laborie’s range of wines; testing them to discover the perfect pairing with our nougat for all your special occasions. We have a few recommendations that you might like to try at your next dinner party, kitchen tea or posh do! As you probably know, we have a selection of Dark Chocolate covered nougatsCranberry, Mint or Orange that we think pair beautifully with Laborie’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These pairings complement the fruit flavours of the red wine and enhance the elegance of our dark chocolate nougat. Our Almond Honey Nougat pairs excellently with Laborie’s Estate Range Sauvignon Blanc, our Macadamia Nougat with the Limited Collection Chardonnay and the Methode Cap Classique Brut, our Cranberry and Almond Honey Nougat with the Methode Cap Classique Brut Rose and our Milk Chocolate and Almond Honey Nougat with Laborie’s delicious Jean Taillefert Methode Cap Classique. Happy Pairings!

For a selection of wine and champagne follow the link-

For more information on our handmade honey nougat go to – or we would love to hear from you on our Facebook page. Comment below if you would like Wedgewood to put together a Nougat and champagne tasting experience for your upcoming event!

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