Wedgewood Is 1% for the Planet

At Wedgewood we give back to our people and community. We are on a mission to include 1% of our turnover from our Emporiums to sponsor community projects. We have a portfolio of projects that we are passionate about, that impact the lives of our team, our community, and our environment.

Crown Underline

The Litterboom Project started in 2017 as an alternative to beach clean-ups, by focusing on river systems and establishing these interception devices (larger HDPE pipes) to prevent floating plastics from flushing down river and into the ocean. 80% of marine plastic pollutions come from the rivers and by creating these catchment mechanisms, they became a more efficient way to stop the plastic pollution. Since our pilot in 2017, we have grown into over 10 major river systems around South Africa, with a presence in Cape Town and Durban.

The important thing about honey...

For the past decade, Wedgewood has been working to create sustainable beekeeping partnerships with African beekeepers and farmers, to ensure that the bees making our honey live happy lives and that the communities that care for them benefit from this valuable African resource. Wedgewood supports local beekeepers in the picturesque Northern KZN Rift Valley, practicing ethical beekeeping practices and using hives donated by Wedgewood. Our Zambian honey originates from the sustainably harvested beekeeping project in the Miombo Woodland.


Two years ago, we constructed our own bespoke nut cracking facility on the Wedgewood farm, to secure the finest nuts for our nougat. Our relationships with our partnering farmers have been so successful that we are now able to offer high quality nuts, surplus to our own needs, to other confectionery manufacturers for local and export markets.


Wedgewood Nougat has its own personalised coffee blends, which have been designed by one of South Africa’s top coffee experts. Our coffee is available ground and as beans so they can be enjoyed through a variety of brewing methods, making them perfect for well-loved plungers or for more experimental coffee drinkers. Wedgewood Crafted Coffee is sourced from single origin estates across the world, picked for their unique signature taste profiles and their sustainable and fair trade heritage, ensuring we can provide the finest quality coffee beans to our customers who care about the integrity of the supply chain. Explore our array of coffee from Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala...Tanzania

Our Tanzanian ground coffee comes from the Arusha Estate in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in East Africa. These coffee beans have been grown, ripened, and dried under the Sub-Saharan African sun. Expect fruity notes and a dark Belgian chocolate after taste.


Our Kenyan coffee beans come from the Chania Estate in the Thika District of Kenya in East Africa. This single origin coffee is of the finest quality, with a distinctly Kenyan flavour profile. Enjoy the gentle peach and brown sugar syrup notes with a twist of citrus in the palate. This is a premier coffee for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.


This Wedgewood Crafted Coffee is from the Sidamo Region of Ethiopia in East Africa. The coffee beans are all naturally processed and dried by the African sun, ensuring the finest quality is achieved as no process is rushed. Our Ethiopian coffee comes from high altitude slopes that bring a bouquet of mellow fruit tones to the cup with subtle aromas of passionfruit, raspberry and strawberry.